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  Visual Events and Biopictures in Contemporary Cites. Visual Aesthetic Activities in Urban Area as the Result of Terrorist Attacks, Biopower, and Biopolitics. Abstrakt The article shows contemporary cities as targets of terrorist attacks. In their urban area taking place visual events, which become meaningful in the context of concepts of Event-Cities, and of the […]

  (un)sustainable urban development illustrated with an example of Zabrze (summary) Abstract According to UN and EU standards, towns and cities should be designed in the way which minimises their negative impact on the environment, respects the local community and cultural heritage but, at the same time, takes the economic perspective into account. Sustainable development […]

Urban space and community; the case of Radom   Abstract Żeromski Street (today pedestrian-only area), the main street in Radom used to be the most popular one among the inhabitants. It was the place where people met in numerous shops, cafes and restaurants and the social rather than economic aspect was important. Three years ago a […]