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Abstract In the article a three-dimensional visualization was used in order to create a reconstruction of one of the oldest wooden Ukrainian churches, placed in the village of Potełycz. Uniqueness of historic buildings of such significance places it among  the few locations in Eastern Europe where old sacral architecture with rich traditions can be found. Three-dimensional reconstruction techniques have also […]

During the course of my internship at the  Hadassah- Brandeis Institute I have devoted myself to the project examining several sociological and psychological aspects of what we could call Jewish feminine Latin American identity. My goal is to analyze how these three different layers were interconnected and interrelated. I want to check how femininity is […]

Abstract: The paper discusses the issue of changes understood as strategic objectives of advertising communication processes in social campaigns. The research problem concerns intentions in management of a message that is communicated in audiovisual advertising manifested in seeking to initiate changes in the context of a social mission. Marketing ob­jectives of communication are achieved through […]